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VTECH in CHTF 2018

Time: 2018-11-20

From November 14th to 18th , VTECH, bringing high-quality powders products, took part in the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF 2018) at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

CHTF 2018 took New Development Concept for High Quality Growth as the theme, with exhibitions, forums and conferences, relevant events as well as everlasting fairs as the main contents. CHTF not only pays attention to the hot spots and the market demand, but also actively serves the national development strategy. It focuses on the actual applications of technologies such as the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, and new forms and modes of services for the real economy, as well as the latest products and technologies in the new generation of information technology, 5G, smart city, and aerospace.

As a professional manufacturer which produces micro & nano intelligent metal powders materials, VTECH, with its technical accumulation and continuous innovation in powder metallurgy field, has produced the whole series of advanced metal powders for additive manufacturing (3D printing), especially the core product——Titanium Alloy Powders with good sphericity and flowablity, low oxygen content and uniform particle size.

VTECH adheres to the faith of intelligent manufacturing for great future, locates in micro & nano intelligent metal materials solutions and prospects that developing VTECH as the most comprehensive and the most professional factory in the world. It has serviced customers with cost-effective powder products of standard brands and customized powder products for many years.

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